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Multiple Earths, Multiple Covers <br> Behind the scenes of The Long Earth cover design

Here at The Long Earth headquarters, we work hard to capture the parallel universes and vast dimensions  which lie within the book itself.  See how the cover design for Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter’s new collaboration evolved over time,  before the final version was unveiled…

Our Senior Designer comments;

“The first two visuals are trying to get across the idea of stepping into another world by literally using a door motif – someone stepping through the door of their house into uninhabited planes.

The third picture, which doesn’t have a title on it, illustrates the concept of multiple worlds (literally with a big old planet in the sky), but I wanted it to convey more of a sense of optimism and frontier exploration. Also looking back at it now it looks very ET-ish.

The fourth picture is very close to the final cover. I kept everything, including the type, soft and slightly out of focus to appear as though you’re squinting into the sun. In the final cover we changed the fields, added more planets to the sky and swapped out the boy flying a kite to one running through a flock of birds, which adds a bit of movement.”

– Richard Shailer,  Transworld Publishers

And here’s the final result – featuring the hardback edition and the limited edition slipcase and metallic editions, exclusive to Waterstones: